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Parents with special needs children

Are you feeling stressed and worried about your child's development?

A unique life challenges that nobody understands

Emotional Distress

The constant demands of caregiving can take a toll on mental health.

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Social Isolation

Feel judged or misunderstood by others who do not understand them.


Fear of Future

Worry about future independence and complex real-world systems.


Get help now with Early Intervention Program (EIP) and other programs offered in Nadi Intelek to manage their symptoms so they could function well at home, in school and in their community:

Nadi Intelek Center used an advanced technology and evidence-based approach for children
with special needs. We focus on one-to-one approach solutions such as: –

Early Intervention Program

Helps to identify children’s capabilities at an early age and provide customize individual education plans.

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy

Targeting every area that your children required from the Occupational, Physio, Speech therapists.


Improved developmental outcomes

Through Nadi Intelek’s evidence-based approach, children receive accurate learning opportunities and support.

Get an assessment, diagnosis, intervention plan and psychological report from the Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial for helping children develop skills that can help them lead a fulfilling life, and it can help parents provide the proper care.

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Increased parental involvement

At Nadi Intelek, we collaborate with parents in the child’s care and education, which can lead to better outcomes for the child.

Why Choose Nadi Intelek

At Nadi Intelek we are dedicated to provide the most effective way to support children with
special needs and their development by helping them to reach their full potential to improve quality of life.

Speech Therapy Session

Imported Sensory and Rehab Equipment from Patterson Medical USA & Canada

Parents Meeting with Reviews on Demand, Periodic Assessment, Reassessment and Final Evaluation from our licensed Clinical Psychologist

Small group Ratio 1:3 for Dedicated Learning

Received your children’s daily therapy report and updates via the Mobile Apps

About Nadi Intelek

Nadi Intelek was founded with a deep desire to help parents facing a unique set of challenges. By deploying modern advanced technologies, Nadi Intelek has been providing exceptional care and services to children in need.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Us...

“Dulu Z sangatlah takut dengan orang yang tak dikenali...sejak dia masuk terapi di Nadi Intelek, dia mudah sangat bergaul dengan orang. Perkembangan dia dari segi kekuatan motor halus dan kasar juga makin baik. Dia dapat berjalan lebih awal, dia dapat menyusun blok yang diberi , faham arahan yang diberi. Dia juga nampak sangat seronok setiap kali pulang dari Nadi Intelek..terima kasih teachers yang banyak membantu Z..sangat memahami keperluan Z.”
Parent Z
Student Z
“AH mula EIP di Nadi Intelek pada Mac 2022 sehingga kini 2023. Ini adalah EIP pertama AH sertai selepas didiagnosis sebagai Autism Spectrum Disorder dan ADHD non verbal. Sebelum EIP, AH sukar dikawal lebih lagi ketika bawa keluar dari rumah. Sangat agresif. Selepas sertai EIP di Nadi Intelek, nampak ada perubahan dari segi mudah di kawal, boleh mendengar arahan, dah ada eye-contact, boleh duduk buat aktiviti, sudah mula bergaul dengan kanak-kanak lain, boleh buat aktiviti lasak seperti melompat, memanjat, sudah tidak gayat dengan buaian, agak teratur berbanding sebelum ini. AH sangat suka dan seronok datang terapi di Nadi Intelek. Layanan dari terapis sangat baik buat AH rasa selamat dan selesa. Terima kasih Nadi Intelek bantu kami ibubapa perbaiki carakerja AH dari kosong sehingga ada isi.”
Parent AH
Student AH (5 years old)
“Setiap anak memiliki keistimewaan tersendiri, begitu juga kamu..Tetaplah kamu percaya diri untuk menghadapi cabaran yang akan datang.. Alhamdulillah, dari sepatah perkataan sekarang dah boleh mendengar K bercerita..terima kasih buat teacher2 dari Nadi Intelek caw Setiawangsa yg banyak membantu dan mengajar K sehingga ke hari ini.. semakin banyak peningkatan yang positive😊Alhamdulillah, seronok sy skrg..sbb skrg K mmg da boleh bercerita.. walaupun tak panjang mcm baya umur banyak vocab yg dia improve..”
Parent K
Student K
“Anak saya adalah pelajar Nadi Intelek sejak 2020. Alhamdulillah, sejak belajar di Nadi Intelek, anak saya ada progress yg baik hasil tunjuk ajar terapis-terapis disini. Terapis - terapis juga memberi tips dan ilmu untuk dipraktikkan di rumah dalam setiap laporan terapi yg dijalankan.”
Parent AJ
Student AJ
“Alhamdulillah, I want to thank the Nadi Intelek Team for being able to accommodate my daughter, AN. Her therapists are so awesome and I am noticing a big improvement and so eager to see her progress. I am also thankful to the Nadi Intelek Team because they were able to put us on a good payment plan that worked for our financial situation.”
Parent AN
Student AN
“Setiap anak memiliki keistimewaan tersendiri, begitu juga kamu..Tetaplah kamu percaya diri untuk menghadapi cabaran yang akan datang.. Alhamdulillah, dari sepatah perkataan sekarang dah boleh mendengar K bercerita..terima kasih buat teacher2 dari Nadi Intelek caw Setiawangsa yg banyak membantu dan mengajar K sehingga ke hari ini.. semakin banyak peningkatan yang positive😊Alhamdulillah, seronok sy skrg..sbb skrg K mmg da boleh bercerita.. walaupun tak panjang mcm baya umur banyak vocab yg dia improve..”
Parent K
Student K

If you are parents of a child with special needs, we are here for you

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to make a positive impact on your child’s life.


Empowering your child’s potential with specialized education.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Speech delay is when your child doesn’t meet these typical speech milestones. However, it is advisable to send your child to therapy sessions that are targeted to 1:1 setting and strengthening basic skills. This is important for your child to develop and strengthen basic skills before starting off any therapy and one of them involves tolerance such as sitting tolerance, following instructions, etc.

Therapy that is suggested; Occupational Therapy. During a session, OTs may help your child to develop the necessary skills to perform a task, and/or they may make the task/environment more accessible. Not only that, OT takes a broader and more holistic approach. The goal of OT is to support independence and quality of life for your child’s whole life rather than focusing on a specific area. One of the many areas are developmental delays and/or behavioral difficulties in children, academic and cognitive skills, sensory processing disorder.

For the Psychological Assessment, sessions will take 3 hours, could be more or less. During the session, a comprehensive clinical intake interview will be conducted – parents will be asked questions about their child’s developmental milestones, current progress, mom’s pregnancy history and many more. Next, screening assessments will be used depending on the child’s need. For example, if it’s to rule out Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – two screenings will be used. Once the screenings are done, observation will be conducted by two people; Interventionist and Clinical Psychologist. Next, a Q & A session with parents. Final step, report will be submitted via email after 24 hours.

For Occupational Therapy Screening, sessions will last around an hour or two. It takes place in a group setting (to examine social skills) and one-on-one. Standardized and non-standardized assessments will be used throughout the session to thoroughly understand the children’s issues and needs so that the interventions for the child would be in line with their difficulties. Assessment of sensory, developmental milestones, and fine and gross motor skills are all included in this. Additionally, their play and social behaviors will also be noted in their report. After the screening, a thorough report will be written including the challenges shown and  suitable interventions for them. It will also emphasize the parents’ main concern, and together, the parents and therapist will develop appropriate goals for the children.

OT sessions will focus on a range of challenges, depending on the child’s needs, including fine motor skills, gross motor abilities, social emotional skills, and sensory integration. Sessions will be built around the children’s core “occupation” throughout the day, which is play where the child will be socializing and learning. During session, addressing sensory integration by providing “just right” sensory experiences is important as well-regulated and appropriately functioning sensory systems contribute to important outcomes in social-emotional, physical and motor, communication, self-care, cognitive, and adaptive skills development and maintenance.  Fine motor skills, such as grasp and in-hand manipulation, which are required for writing, coloring, folding, and cutting, may also be worked on during occupational therapy sessions. The ability to use the visual system and the fine or gross motor systems at the same time which is necessary for tasks like handwriting, playing with balls.

An OT session also include work on gross motor skills that are that are responsible for functions such as hand-eye coordination (involving catching, throwing etc), walking, running, skipping, sitting and standing for everyday functioning, such as basic self-care skills such as dressing one’s self, or posture and upper body support and directly influence fine motor skills. Activities include  increasing upper body and core strength necessary for postural stability, balance, coordination, gross and fine motor control and will often provide a home-based program for follow through.

  1. Individual session (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, etc)
    During an individual session, therapists will pay extra attention to your child and the areas they need to improve. Your child can receive intensive help to improve their behaviors, such as following instructions and engaging in age-appropriate play. Therapists will assess the areas your child needs or to improve, and develop a personalized plan to help your child reach their full potential.
  2. Group therapy (Early Intervention Programs, Circle Time, etc)
    Group therapy is designed for many causes, one of them is to imitate real world situations like going to school, meeting friends, staying with friends, birthday parties and many more. During group therapy, your child will learn social skills and boundaries. For example, teachers or therapists will introduce and teach your child to start conversations, take turns, follow instructions, and share with each other. Not only that, they will also be learning social rules such as understanding humor and understanding the emotions of others. Group therapy helps to encourage your child to communicate well, reduces anxiety symptoms and depression to an extent, develop their cooperative skills, and reduces behavioral deviations to an extent.

There is no limit or guideline to when you can stop sending your child to therapy. However, we would advise parents based on their child’s current skills and progression. If the progression shows your child is ready for school, we would end the program. Usually it takes one year for the programs once they are enrolled.

Here’s the examples of how happy the parents are with our services. We use evidence based strategy such as positive behavior support, visual support, sensory integration and many more as our approach.


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