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Early Intervention Program (EIP)
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Early Intervention Program (EIP)

An Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a comprehensive approach designed to support children who have developmental delays or disabilities, and their families. EIPs are typically geared toward infants and toddlers, but can also be provided to older children who are experiencing challenges in meeting developmental milestones.

Speech Therapy Session

A Speech Therapy Session is a specialized session conducted by a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) to help individuals with communication difficulties.

Occupational Therapy Session

An occupational therapy session is a specialized session conducted by a licensed occupational therapist (OT) to help individuals improve their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and achieve their goals.

Physiotherapy Sesssion

A Physiotherapy Session is a specialized session conducted by a licensed physiotherapist (PT) to help individuals improve their physical function, mobility, and quality of life.

School Readiness

School readiness begins at an early age, and it is influenced by a child’s experiences and environment, as well as their family’s support.

Psychological Assessments & Diagnostic

Psychological assessments and diagnostics are tools used by a licensed and registered clinical psychologist / practitioner to evaluate an individual’s psychological functioning, diagnosis, and develop appropriate treatment plans.


The goal of prevocational training is to prepare individuals for work by teaching them basic job skills, social skills, and work-related behaviors.

Fardu Ain Class

It is an essential part of Islamic education and is considered a lifelong pursuit for Muslims. The study of the Quran is important not only for religious reasons but also for its historical and cultural significance. The study of the Quran includes learning about its history, context, and literary style, as well as its ethical and moral teachings.