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About School Readiness

The ability of a child to do well intellectually and socially in a setting similar to that of a school is what is meant by the term “school readiness.” It involves the development of a wide range of skills and capacities that are necessary for academic achievement, including cognitive development, linguistic development, social development, emotional development, and physical development. The process of getting a child ready for school begins at a young age and is heavily influenced not only by the experiences and surroundings of the child but also by the support of their family. Language, communication, early reading and numeracy, problem-solving, self-regulation and emotional control, social skills, and physical coordination are crucial to school preparedness. 

The provision of a structured environment that places an emphasis on the development of skills necessary for schooling is one of the primary contributions that early childhood education programmes like preschool and pre-kindergarten can make to the overall process of getting children ready for school. It is possible for us to assist children in achieving success in school and to establish the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and accomplishment if we promote school readiness.