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Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a set of methods and tools that help students with communication disorders express themselves and communicate effectively with others. This may include low-tech and high-tech solutions such as speech generating devices and communication apps. The use of AAC is recommended by Nadi Intelek experts, and training is provided to students and their families on the use of this method.

Naturalistic Intervention

Naturalistic interventions are approaches that guide and support the development of students with autism and other developmental disorders based on the principles of natural learning environments. The emphasis is on learning in the context of everyday activities, routines and play rather than structured or artificial teaching methods. At Nadi Intelek, naturalistic interventions are carried out through activity-based activities embedded in the classroom schedules.

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is an approach that encourages positive behaviour and reduces difficult behaviour by addressing the underlying causes of behaviour. Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, PBS emphasizes using positive reinforcement rather than punishment to teach new skills and encourage more acceptable behaviours.

Visual Support

Visual support are tools that help students with special needs understand their surroundings and communicate their needs with others. Visual Support may contain images, symbols, or written words that provide visual cues and aid comprehension. Visual support is especially helpful for students with language, attention and sensory processing difficulties, helping them to be more regulated and manageable in school and at home.

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration therapy or sensory based activities are a type of intervention aimed at addressing difficulties in sensory processing and regulation. It is about providing a variety of sensory experiences in a controlled and structured way so that students can process and integrate sensory input more effectively. At Nadi Intelek, structured and individually designed equipment are designed to help students regulate their senses. Students who successfully learn to regulate their senses will behave more and respond better to the demands of their environment.